Sushi Machines & Rice Preparation Equipment


If you are looking for labour saving sushi machines you will not find better high quality products and services than shown in our Sushi Kitchen website. 

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Why Did One of Japan’s Longest-Lived Audio Companies Start Making Sushi Robots? 


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  AUTEC Sushi machines combine high-precision processing and control technology with innovative ideas. AUTEC manufacture the highest quality, compact and most sophisticated machines and provide you with first-class, professional, technical assistance.


Rice washers are very efficient saving both electricity and water.


Rice cookers are manufactured to a very high standard and give you absolute control over the cooking process.


We also supply rice boxes, spray oil, wrapping machines etc.


We can offer a number of leasing and hire purchase options, enabling you to control your cash flow.


We recommend YOUR SUSHI SCHOOL for staff training and business advice, their website is at :