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Q: How can I chose the best machine for my needs?
A: We have a showroom and demonstration area in Aldershot with all our machines.  Our specialists can demonstrate each machine and help you chose the best machines for your particular restaurant.
Q: How do I learn how to use the machines?
A: We have teamed up with a company called 'Sushi School'.  The run a number of courses that you could attend giving training on all of our equipment.     Go to Sushi School website
Q: Would the price change if I ordered more than one?
A: Yes, we offer a discount when three or more machines are ordered.
Q: Why should I purchase Autec machines?
A: Autec sushi machines are the highest quality and most reliable machines made.  They are designed and manufactured in Japan and have fewer parts than other machines. They produce very consistent results.
Q: How long would I have to wait if I ordered a machine?
A: We keep a large stock of machines at our factory in Aldershot but some machines are made to order such as the Fujimak rice cookers. These can take up to 4 weeks from the date of order.
If we have to order them in from Autec, they can take between 2- 8 weeks.
Q: Can I just buy a blue shari box?
A: Yes, you can purchase any of the Accessories from us.
Q: What support will I get if my machine stops working?
A: if the machine is within warrantee period we can either send you a replacement machine or the spare components by express courier or, if it is in the U.K. a service engineer can visit you within a 72 hours to carry our repairs.